Cone Tubes

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  1. Cone Tubes

    Varied cones for choice.Lengths from 170mm to 290mm, diameters from 20mm to 75mm.The one way tubes are at the same cost level to cone paper ones, but much more reliable.The multi-way tubes can work 20-30 times for fiber, and several years for cotton.Applicable machines: Schlafhorst, Murata, Savio, SSM, Elitex, Cognetex, Ingolstadt and other winding, twisting machines, Open End, TFO, Tape and Texturising machines.
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  2. Paper Cone

    Paper cones, 5°57, 4°20 and 3°30, for different machines, like Schlafhorst Autoconer/Autocoro, Murata autocone, Savio winders, and Ingolstadt Open-end
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