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  1. Toyota Ring Bobbins

    Special for Toyota spinning frames,RX-240, RX-300 Dimension: 210*20*12mm,180*18.75*11mm Material: 8%0 Polycarbonate + 20% Fiber Glass,Derlin bush and stainless steel rings.The Eccentricity and tolerance meet International standards Work Life: 5 Years
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  2. Zinser Ring Bobbins

    Special for Zinser spinning frames 350, 351 Length: 180-300mm, according to Zinser standard series 0,1,2,3 The Run out 0.2-0.4mm Work Life: 5 Years
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  3. Spinning Ring Tubes

    Top quality PC or ABS material.The Eccentricity and tolerance meet International standards.Different surface for perfect spinning, like parallel, spiral and micro grooves.Suitable for automatic and semi-automatic and manual doffing.Aluminum and bare blade spindles, Tape radios, 1:38, 1:40 and 1:64.Perform perfect at speed 20,000 rpm, still reliable even 25,000rpm.Qualified for steam, 90 Degree C (194 Degree F) three hours.Derlin bush and stainless steel rings are optional.Applicable frames: Rieter, Marzoli, Zinser, Toyota, Howa, LMW, Rovematic, SACOLOWELL, Electro Jet ,Jingwei, Hi-Corp.
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